Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part II

In Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part I, we discussed:

  • Truly free travel vs. “OMG, I’m Living My Dreams!” heavily subsidized travel
  • What the frequent flyer mile points game is about
  • Who should play it and who shouldn’t
  • The 5 chief types of credit cards used in The Hobby
  • Some variations on those credit cards and how to multiply your points take
  • What to put on credit cards–not cutesy little butterfly stickers…

In this second installment, we resume our Beginner’s Journey by adding actionable credit card signup bonus travel intelligence; answering the question “How do I really get started?” We also serve up a large heaping of Things You Just Need To Know to your fine self. Let’s do this thing.

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Hotel Points Eclipsed Cash in Asheville, NC: Club Carlson to the Rescue!

Two prescient friends of ours booked hotels with cash a year before the total solar eclipse. Friends don’t let friends pay cash (for hotels or flights)–but we’re working on them with the hotel points thing. The prescience was, being astronomy nerds, they suspected prices would grow more outlandish as media hype intensified. Booking by phone many moons prior, a puzzled local hotel manager asked why they were making reservations so early. “The eclipse,” they responded. “Huh,” must have been the response. #RevenueManagementFail.

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Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part I

“The only thing I’ve ever gotten free was 10 chicken wings,” joked a co-worker of mine. The conversation had been about another of my nearly free trips. To where I don’t recall: Hawaii, Rome, Paris, a Greek Isles cruise. Didn’t matter. What did was the notion that nearly anyone could do what I’d done: travel the world practically free through strategically planned credit card signup bonuses.

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Hotel Room Upgrade Success Stories: 4 Video Walkthroughs

In a previous post, we learned how to email hotel managers for free hotel room upgrades. Here, I’ll share some success stories. The point? I want to inspire you to do the same. Then you’ll have success stories of your own to share: with friends, family, colleagues, and, if you’ll have us, My Points Blog. Do so in the comments section below or reach out to us via the Contact page. No textual Deep Dives here–just plenty of eye candy sorted by year. Enjoy. Or try to. Please excuse the poor videography in advance.

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Hotel Search Tools: a few of my favorite travel hacking things

Whiskers on kittens. Warm woolen mittens. Confess. You know the rest, right? If you don’t, you have no soul. If you do, you have no shame. But did you know about hotel search and other travel hacking tools unadvertised by TV and Film? Of course you don’t unless you’ve been in the frequent flyer miles and points Hobby. Let’s remedy that, shall we? Within, we’ll go round the travel search tool world and observe a few of my favorite ones. Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night; I mean ride. 🙂

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