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(Seen recently on a T-Shirt somewhere in FL – thank goodness Ted Levine broke out of his #SOTL role and became Leland Stottlemeyer on one of my favorite shows: Monk)

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* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking my wife and in-laws to Ireland this Fall: 8 nights lodging = all free; translantic flights from MCO to SNN (Western Ireland) = all free. Heck, even the USD $800 car rental – Whats up with The Republic Of Ireland And Car Insurance?) = free courtesy of several Barclays Arrival cards

* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking me and my wife to Boston & Cambridge, MA free on points

Already here:

* MyPointsBlog official Twitter account / handle: @MyPointsBlog

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Ensure You’ll Meet Spend By Changing Your Auto Insurance

Minimum Required Spend (MRS), or just plain “Spend”, is the amount you’ll purchase to earn initial credit card signup bonuses. It doesn’t include annual fees or cash back. Spend can vary from “1st purchase” (perhaps a dollar’s worth of gas) to 10K or more. Typical Spend for many credit cards runs between $1,000 and $3,000. By rethinking your auto insurance, you can save money while also meeting Spend on a new credit card. How does it all work?

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(Almost) Free Disney Annual Passes With Points

Recently my wife and I moved to Florida. Being lifelong Disney fans, we obtained (almost) free Disney annual passes with points. I call it the Disney Tax–the cost of fun while living in Central Florida. While not 100% free, we greatly reduced our costs using Bank of America Travel Rewards credit cards. You could do the same to obtain (almost) free Walt Disney World annual passes (in or out of State), free Disney theme park tickets, or free tickets to nearly any theme park; or obtain a large variety of travel items free. Among them: free cruises, free on-board credit (OBC), car rentals, and hotel nights. But we’ll focus on getting (almost) free Disney annual passes using points.

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Credit Cards on Life Support: Apply for Cards Before They Disappear

Some credit cards you choose because they’re the right fit at the right time. Others may appear to be the wrong fit, but the right time. One Right Time is as follows: grabbing as many credit cards offered by a loyalty program about to either disappear (The Merged) or ceasing to offer a credit card (The Deceased).

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An Independent Traveler’s Case for Cruising

Cruising: Elderly shuffleboard players on one hand. Puking, partying Spring Breakers on the other. And package tourism at its absolute worst. These stereotypes kept me from considering cruising until my mid-30’s; something I regret, absolutely. Take it from a former Independent Travel Elitist who thought cruising was only for the proverbial half-dead or newly wed: cruising has much to recommend to the independent traveler. As such, it’s well worth your thoughtful reconsideration. If you ever doubted…

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