Ensure You’ll Meet Spend By Changing Your Auto Insurance

Minimum Required Spend (MRS), or just plain “Spend”, is the amount you’ll purchase to earn initial credit card signup bonuses. It doesn’t include annual fees or cash back. Spend can vary from “1st purchase” (perhaps a dollar’s worth of gas) to 10K or more. Typical Spend for many credit cards runs between $1,000 and $3,000. By rethinking your auto insurance, you can save money while also meeting Spend on a new credit card. How does it all work?

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Credit Cards on Life Support: Apply for Cards Before They Disappear

Some credit cards you choose because they’re the right fit at the right time. Others may appear to be the wrong fit, but the right time. One Right Time is as follows: grabbing as many credit cards offered by a loyalty program about to either disappear (The Merged) or ceasing to offer a credit card (The Deceased).

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Top 3 Mile & Points Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

(Kapu means “forbidden” in Hawaiian)

Nearly all of us have made regrettable points mistakes early on, and not so early on, in this hobby. Such is the case generally in life, right? “If only I knew then what I know now.” Or, “I should have known better.” Here’s a list of the top 3 frequent flyer mile and points mistakes and how to prevent them. Each could have its own post, so we’ll just hit the highlights.

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Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part II

InĀ Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part I, we discussed:

  • Truly free travel vs. “OMG, I’m Living My Dreams!” heavily subsidized travel
  • What the frequent flyer mile points game is about
  • Who should play it and who shouldn’t
  • The 5 chief types of credit cards used in The Hobby
  • Some variations on those credit cards and how to multiply your points take
  • What to put on credit cards–not cutesy little butterfly stickers…

In this second installment, we resume our Beginner’s Journey by adding actionable credit card signup bonus travel intelligence; answering the question “How do I really get started?” We also serve up a large heaping of Things You Just Need To Know to your fine self. Let’s do this thing.

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Credit Card Signup Bonuses: The Key to Free Travel. A Beginner’s Guide, Part I

“The only thing I’ve ever gotten free was 10 chicken wings,” joked a co-worker of mine. The conversation had been about another of my nearly free trips. To where I don’t recall: Hawaii, Rome, Paris, a Greek Isles cruise. Didn’t matter. What did was the notion that nearly anyone could do what I’d done: travel the world practically free through strategically planned credit card signup bonuses.

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