Migration of Blog Successful. Good (Points-related)Things Ahead!

File under: All Good Things To Those Who Wait (SOTL / SAH), More Mile & Points Posts Coming Soon & It Puts The Lotion In The Basket (Whoa / Scary!)

(Seen recently on a T-Shirt somewhere in FL – thank goodness Ted Levine broke out of his #SOTL role and becameĀ Leland Stottlemeyer on one of my favorite shows: Monk)

Coming soon:

* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking my wife and in-laws to Ireland this Fall: 8 nights lodging = all free; translantic flights from MCO to SNN (Western Ireland) = all free. Heck, even the USD $800 car rental – Whats up with The Republic Of Ireland And Car Insurance?) = free courtesy of several Barclays Arrival cards

* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking me and my wife to Boston & Cambridge, MA free on points

Already here:

* MyPointsBlog official Twitter account / handle: @MyPointsBlog

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An Independent Traveler’s Case for Cruising

Cruising: Elderly shuffleboard players on one hand. Puking, partying Spring Breakers on the other. And package tourism at its absolute worst. These stereotypes kept me from considering cruising until my mid-30’s; something I regret, absolutely. Take it from a former Independent Travel Elitist who thought cruising was only for the proverbial half-dead or newly wed: cruising has much to recommend to the independent traveler. As such, it’s well worth your thoughtful reconsideration. If you ever doubted…

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