New Miles & Points MeetUp Group Established for the Orlando, FL area. All Are Welcome.

Apologies to those who’ve been waiting on me to blog about my trip to the West Coast of Ireland. Let me assure you that I’ve set December 31st, 2019 as a dead-line to post *something*. To steal a turn of phrase from Beatle & Singer/Songwriter John Lennon: Life is What’s Been Happening to Me While I Was Making Other Plans…

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Migration of Blog Successful. Good (Points-related)Things Ahead!

File under: All Good Things To Those Who Wait (SOTL / SAH), More Mile & Points Posts Coming Soon & It Puts The Lotion In The Basket (Whoa / Scary!)

(Seen recently on a T-Shirt somewhere in FL – thank goodness Ted Levine broke out of his #SOTL role and becameĀ Leland Stottlemeyer on one of my favorite shows: Monk)

Coming soon:

* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking my wife and in-laws to Ireland this Fall: 8 nights lodging = all free; translantic flights from MCO to SNN (Western Ireland) = all free. Heck, even the USD $800 car rental – Whats up with The Republic Of Ireland And Car Insurance?) = free courtesy of several Barclays Arrival cards

* Series of articles detailing how I’m taking me and my wife to Boston & Cambridge, MA free on points

Already here:

* MyPointsBlog official Twitter account / handle: @MyPointsBlog

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