Starbucks Free Stuff: Points for Pups? Not Precisely: Puppuccino

While I froth at the mouth for juicy loyalty program redemptions–flights, luxury hotel nights, and cruises–I’ve never been one for Starbucks’ Rewards. Periodically receiving an expensive-as-I-can-order free drink doesn’t slake my thirst for value. If going for max redemption value (~$10 to $20)¬†on a free Starbucks drink really pumps your syrup container, start with a high dollar frappuccino and up the value with multiple espresso and flavor shots. Alternatively, order something fun like a Venti frappuccino Butter Beer off the Starbucks “secret menu.” Just google Starbucks Secret Menu and provide verbal instructions to your Barista.

However, a free drive-thru treat every time for my best bud Roscoe beats Starbucks’ Rewards paws down. Namely, the puppuccino (pup-uh-CHEE-no).

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