Mattress Run Part II: Wherein Frugal is Defined and Free Luxury is Defended

Yesterday in Mattress Run Part I, we defined the “obscure-to-beginners”–aw shucks, obscure period–concept of a Mattress Run. In today’s continuation of points travel esoterica we answer the question: “is it worthwhile?” Spoiler alert: yes. Hell yes. At least for particular promos and scenarios. For you, mileage may vary (points, actually). Better spoiled than soiled. Sometimes you’ve got to sleep on it, so to say, when a mattress run opportunity presents itself. But when you realize that opportunity may be monumental, you’ve gotta go.

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Mattress Run Part I: Not a film, but has a luxury ending

In a quest to earn ever more free hotel nights I’ve educated myself about, and participated in, Mattress Runs. May it profit you to do likewise. A few years prior, the term meant nothing to me. Was it a tear in a bedding product? A slap-your-knees-funny down home community-contest? Being on the lam? Who knew? The folks at the forums  did. From there, I learned my Mattress Run (MR) trade craft. And from here I’m paying it forward. On your mark, set, let’s go!

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Starbucks Free Stuff: Points for Pups? Not Precisely: Puppuccino

While I froth at the mouth for juicy loyalty program redemptions–flights, luxury hotel nights, and cruises–I’ve never been one for Starbucks’ Rewards. Periodically receiving an expensive-as-I-can-order free drink doesn’t slake my thirst for value. If going for max redemption value (~$10 to $20) on a free Starbucks drink really pumps your syrup container, start with a high dollar frappuccino and up the value with multiple espresso and flavor shots. Alternatively, order something fun like a Venti frappuccino Butter Beer off the Starbucks “secret menu.” Just google Starbucks Secret Menu and provide verbal instructions to your Barista.

However, a free drive-thru treat every time for my best bud Roscoe beats Starbucks’ Rewards paws down. Namely, the puppuccino (pup-uh-CHEE-no).

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