The Secret to Packing Light: One “Weird” Trick and One Huge Advantage

(Roscoe the dog asking, “can I come too?”)

“That’s all you have?” The crew member was clearly puzzled when I checked-in for my Boston to Bali adventure. Yes indeed. All I had was a small day pack and a larger convertible backpack: one item for under the seat and another for the overhead compartment. This was in the dawn of prehistory when hardly any airlines charged for checked bags. “And you’ll be gone how long?” Two and a half weeks. But it could have been two and a half months. Her expression grew more perplexed. “How?”

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Mattress Run Part III: Do One With a Hotel Promotion

In Mattress Run Part I, we introduced the concept of getting free hotel stays (via hotel points or free night certificates) through Mattress Running–the Sport of Kingly Travelers. In Mattress Run Part II, we saw frugal vs. frugal+ defined. Frugal+ being enjoying Regal Lodging on a peasant’s budget. Let them eat ramen! Oh yeah. Central to any frequent flyer mile and hotel points hobby is the concept of arbitrage–“buying low” and “redeeming high.” In Mattress Run Part III, we’ll “Buy Low.” Earthworm¬†low. But with a higher purpose. Let’s travel together from Motel to Hotel now, shall we?

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Mattress Run Part II: Wherein Frugal is Defined and Free Luxury is Defended

Yesterday in Mattress Run Part I, we defined the “obscure-to-beginners”–aw shucks, obscure period–concept of a Mattress Run. In today’s continuation of points travel esoterica we answer the question: “is it worthwhile?” Spoiler alert: yes. Hell yes. At least for particular promos and scenarios. For you, mileage may vary (points, actually). Better spoiled than soiled. Sometimes you’ve got to sleep on it, so to say, when a mattress run opportunity presents itself. But when you realize that opportunity may be monumental, you’ve gotta go.

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