Chase Refer-a-Friend: a Win-Win Proposition

When you see a good thing, it’s worth sharing. I routinely and vigorously recommend the Chase Sapphire Preferred card to friends, family, and co-workers. Why? It’s the best single card for getting started in the miles and points game. Sharing is sweeter when it comes with rewards. Read on to learn how to help yourself and others by referring Chase cards you currently possess–or expect to apply for in the future.

Step 1: Possess or apply for a Chase credit card

Step 2: Once you have an active Chase card(s), follow the Chase Refer-a-Friend link

Step 3: Fill out the form to see if your card qualifies. It requires a Last Name, Zip Code, and the last 4 digits on your card

The offer on my Chase Sapphire Preferred allows me to successfully refer up to 5 people with a 10K Ultimate Rewards (UR) bonus each. That’s a max of 50K UR points per calendar year. Those I refer get the best currently available offer; at least that’s typically how it goes. Or I wouldn’t make the referral. While I’m actually permitted to refer more than 5 people per calendar year, I may only receive the bonus on 5 of the referrals who get approved for the card. At the time of this writing, a common offer was 40K. My offer allows me to refer others to the higher 50K offer. So in this case, at this time, it’s a Win-Win proposition.

Personalized referral offer for my beloved Chase Sapphire Preferred card.
Personalized referral offer for my beloved Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

I checked, and currently my Chase IHG Rewards card–one of the best values in points for its annual free night certificate–doesn’t qualify. However, the High Water Mark signup bonus on that card is 100K points; 80K is the next best I’ve seen. Either offer is worthwhile. Presently, I don’t possess a Chase Southwest card. But in the past, I’d receive mailers allowing me to refer others for 50K signup bonus offers when the best commonly available offer was either 25K or 40K. YMMV. The highest offer I’ve seen on that card is 60K. Multiple signup offers can exist for a card product both simultaneously and over time. So be mindful, do your homework, and don’t make the rookie mistake of jumping on the first offer you encounter.

To whom do you refer?

Everyone who may legitimately be interested; especially those who ask specifically about your miles and points travel hobby. The one person I’ve forgotten to refer, enough times to be embarrassing, is my wife Mandy–even though we tend to signup for the same Chase cards. So if you’ve got a spouse, like with birthdays and anniversaries, don’t forget to refer!

Refer to other banks

American Express has begun offering referral bonuses on certain of its cards, e.g. Amex EveryDay and the Hilton Surpass. Be sure to Google something like Amex Referral Bonus if you possess either of those cards now or in the future; perhaps any Amex card you hold. Other banks may offer referral bonuses, but at present I don’t know of any to write about here.

Cut to the Chase Refer-a-Friend

Not all Chase cards will qualify. For example, my Chase Sapphire No Annual Fee card; not to be confused with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I don’t have a list that will. But it’s fun to roll the referral dice and see what manifests.

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