Cheapest Eat in All of Walt Disney World?

The King of Cheap Eats in all of Walt Disney World is no longer the Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs. That title has passed peacefully to Blaze Pizza, also at Disney Springs. This establishment offers a deeply discounted deal that will have any budget-conscious traveler blazing a trail to its door.

BYO: Build Your Own

While Blaze Pizza offers a variety of pre-configured pies, its best menu value, indisputably, is the Build Your Own. For only $9.95 plus tax (around $5 per person) you can create a pizza with as many toppings as you’d like; enough that a single easily feeds two adults. Beat that Disney Quick Serve! I double-(hot)dog dare you. And implore you.

The pie below–just one of many you could design–has classic red sauce (additional sauces like pesto were available–one patron mixed three!), mozzarella and feta (additional cheeses, including gorgonzola and goat cheese, were on offer), spinach, red onions, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, olives both black and kalamata, pepperoni, sausage, meatball, chicken, and garlic. You’ve got to stop somewhere I suppose. However, the staff never will (stop you from loading up on your favorites).

Ingredients were fresh and tasty. Don’t mistake this for an all-the-crappy-low-quality-bits you can eat affair. Quality ranks high above both typical pizza chain store lows and Disney Resorts’ own pizza offerings–at least at its Value Resort food courts.


Blaze Pizza offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoor seating is covered, offering views of the “Springs.” Either provides shelter from the elements, be it relentless rain or punishing sun; vs. the new-as-of-this-writing Woody’s Lunchbox at Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land where all seating is exposed.

Passholder Discount

If you’re an annual passholder ask for the 10% discount. Every bit counts on a Disney Day. The discount is also available to cast members (still 10% alas).

So there you have it. At least for two hungry adults, this is the cheapest meal you’ll likely have anywhere at Walt Disney World short of bringing your own foodstuffs.

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