Twilight Zone Migration of Terror? We’re Moving to a new Web Host. Cross Your Fingers–and Legs. And a Big Thanks to Cube Creative Design in Asheville, NC

We may or may not go dark for a few days as we migrate from inMotion to A2. It all depends on dependencies–domain name transfers, etc.

On the suggestion of my dear and trusted friends at Cube Creative Design in Asheville, North Carolina, I decided to go with A2. Cube Creative *always* has the pulse on the best web hosting for their customers. They switch providers accordingly as Quality of Service evolves (or devolves) with any given Vendor. And no, I wasn’t paid to write that–just appreciate Cube Creative’s Salt of the Earth Trustworthiness, Honest Approach, and a Commitment to Excellence in both Design and Customer Service.

While they’d be happy to design a WP site for you, take my advice and theirs: use Joomla. Presently I don’t practice what I preach, so reach out to Adam and Chad at Cube Creative for further instruction.

Incidentally, Asheville, NC is the new Napa Valley of Beer (sorry Fort Collins, CO; love me some Front Range but you’ve been eclipsed). When one visits, one must take a complimentary tour of the New Belgium Brewery campus and slide down the indoor slide; you’ll look through the gates with jaw-agape. It’s like entering a Willy Wonka Factor for Beer. Truly.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say in-succinctly is this: We May Go Down, yo. Just for a few days, yo. When is that Breaking Bad film, featuring Jessie Pinkman’s back-story, being released?

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